Rights for students on the viewing of (re)exams

It is not always clear for students how the viewing of the results and answers of (re)exams works. Therefore a small explanation and some information about the rights you have as a student.

Teachers are not obligated to organize a viewing moment. However, a lot of them do organize a viewing moment, since they get often a lot of mails of students who would like to view their exam. All those announcements of viewing moments, let us think that all the courses organize those moments, but not all the courses do. It just depends on the amount of demands of students. Teachers are free to do it their own way.

Your rights

So, you as a student are responsible to get the possibility to view your exam results. You need to send an email to the course coordinator within two weeks after the marks are announced. Then the teacher is obligated to let you see your exam, on a suitable moment. This can be at an organised moment or just at an individually appointed time.

If a teacher is not responding, then please contact Tessa Schoones (study commissioner of Nicolas Appert) or Ralf Hartemink.

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