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Dear members, A while ago we informed as to whether students would be interested in pursuing a BSc internship if this was made possible. As some of you might know, the Edutee and the Programme committee BLT/MFT have recently been working on the possible implementation of an internship in the Bachelor. After multiple discussions, proposals and suggestions, the OWI Board has decided to not allow the BSc internship for this or next academic year. Their decision is based on doubts regarding the role of BSc internsips at WUR in general. Nevertheless, there are still some possibilities for students to do a BSc internship though it will have to be on voluntary basis, so outside of your regular programme. To discuss the possibilities, and also take into account the various things that are important to consider, it is recommended to contact your study advisor if you wish to pursue a BSc internship before you contact any teachers or companies.

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