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Together with the M&Mcie, a frequently asked questions blog was made on the Nicolas Appert website. Multiple subcategories have been created with each their own questions like 'How do I subscribe for courses?' and many other questions. Hopefully this will be helpful for our members in case they have any doubts or questions.


This October our programmes were assessed by an external accreditation panel of professionals working in the field of food sciences. As expected, all of our programmes passed. The BSc programme was thought to be very mature with ambitious learning outcomes and a good international level. MFT was seen as an international flagship reference which offers a tailor-made path which is very good. MFS was praised for especially the food law area. MFQ was thought to be of an appropriate international level with a good integrated approach.

Programme committees

The programme committees are dealing with several matters concerning education. Every period the course evaluations are discussed. A contract for the BSc internship has been made and an innovation project for the thesis application is being developed. Another development is that the admission requirements for MFT students from China, India and Greece have been set higher. The Bachelor 5 rule we could previously benefit from is discussed. This year it will still be valid, but maybe it will be abolished next year. After a low evaluation of the course Physical Chemistry for Food Scientists, a meeting with the concerning teachers has been arranged. They will look at ways to improve the course in order to get a better evaluation next time.


The Edutee is still working on improving the quality of our education. This year several small working groups have been created in order to deal with several important topics. Some of these topics are the first year of the bachelor, RSI, the bachelor and master thesis, group work, growing student numbers and the master internship. If you feel like you can contribute to one or more of these projects, do not hesitate to contact one of the Edutee members. They are represented in all programmes.

We've had one evaluation lunch so far this year. It was a knakworsten lunch and a lot of members came to fill in their course evaluations, which we're really happy about.

Furthermore, a best practices document has been made. Teaching methods we as students appreciate have been evaluated and a small report has been written. This report will be send to all teachers so they can keep improving their teaching methods and so that they're aware of the preferences of students.


On the second of October we had a Walk Along Day with 33 students who had the opportunity to get to know our wonderful bachelor programme better. On the fourth of December we had one with as evening programme Sintershaken. Hopefully they've enjoyed the day as much as we did. The next walk along day will be on the 16th of January.

We have also already had the first Bachelor Open Day of the year. This time, we had half the Waaierzaal of Orion to hold our presentations. They were very well visited. New this year were the mini lectures given by multiple teachers. They were meant to show students the level of the programme and the required English level to understand the lectures. On the information market, students could also ask all their questions. We had some visitants from Bulgaria, Italia, Spain, Romania, France, Syria and surely other countries as well.

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